Roberta is highly skilled at working in different contexts with diverse groups to practice, conceive and present dance. She has over a decade of experience working in community, conservatoire, college and university environments.

Roberta is an attentive, generous and passionate teacher, whose teaching practice involves choreography, film making and dance classes/workshops. She has made work and lectured for organisations such as Yorkshire Young Dancers, Central Film School, Dame Allan’s School, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and London Contemporary Dance School/The Place amongst others.

As well as dance and choreography for film, Roberta’s current teaching focus looks at movement in relation to flow states and happiness. This practice explores how dance can result in mindfulness and improve mental health. Roberta is also a qualified yoga teacher. Classes, workshops and projects can be tailored for your community/schools interests and needs.

‘In relationship to creative projects, my current research looks further into neuroscience and how an overuse of the default mode network, a brain network indicated in self-related thinking can cause anxiety and depression. I’m interested in how as dancers, we can divert our attention away from this network in order to be in the present moment/or a flow state for performing.’

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