‘I think there is a loom of glosses somewhere, where their weaver weaves them into a tissue that signifies and is real, that contains its own explications. The corridor, where centuries meet, the reverse nipple like a dimple in time. Depression into which certain irreplaceable musks collect. They are from elsewhere'. (Ariana Reines)

Brocade, contains its own explications. Extrasensory, it is a loom of movement glosses that, when woven, makes a numinous tissue. Sitting on either side of a traverse performance space, we witness women's bodies skip and skim down a corridor. With the quality of silk-moths, their immeasurably tender and at times, stampede-like sounds and movements, seem to pick up and unpick centuries (and centuries) of embodied, psycho- kinesthetic memory.

Brocade, demands that we both puncture and reverse the surface of the real, over and under, under and over, to explicate that musky underside where our cellular-spiritual elsewhere collects – where our stitches (and our spirits) show. The performers are woven from the fabric of that elsewhere. So whilst on the surface they move with the delicate quality of silk, I read them as five women braiding their energies, so as to unpick the butterfly stitches suturing old wounds. In this way, the performance of Brocade folds into itself the possibility of healing; the choreographic loom reversing those misrepresentations and missed representations brocaded on patriarchies violent surface.

Impression of Brocade at Tramway in Glasgow by Victoria Kent Gray.


Audiences on Brocade

'Amazing performance of Brocade yesterday by @Roberta__Jean as part of NOTTDANCE @Dance_4 with stunning violin by @angsd2. Who needs words?'

'I feel grateful and alive to have witnessed such embodied beings for that time, to have been taken back to myself.'

'Your work was absolutely stunning. There was something so beautifully simple about it, yet it built to a place of great depth and clarity.'


Directed and choreographed by Roberta Jean, performed and made in collaboration with a rotating ensemble of female dancers and musicians that includes Roberta Jean, Stephanie McMann, Helka Kaski, Angharad Davies, Laura Dannequin, Kirsty Arnold, Martha Pasakopoulou, Charlotte Baker, Airen Koopmans and Morrighan MacGillivray.

Lighting design by Grant Anderson, filmed by David Stewart. Supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Dance4, Dance Limerick, The Work Room, Dance East, Dartington and Dance Base. Further tour dates for Brocade soon to be announced.