Made up of a set of dances and togetherness actions, Group Hug is both a celebration and dismantling of the communal. Five dancers navigate through a maze of frenzies, climaxes, come-downs and cathartic experiences. Performed in old dance halls, galleries and spaces where communities gather.

'As the dancer loses himself in the dance, as he becomes absorbed in the unified community, he reaches a state of elation'. Radcliffe Brown - Social Anthropologist.

Directed by Roberta Jean. Performed by and created with Robin Dingemans, Riccardo Vitello, Krista Vuori, Amber Emily Zamani-Esskeli, Dwayne-Antony Simms, Jacob Ingram-Dodd, Tina Murtagh and Airen Koopmans.

Made with support from Arts Council England, Dance4, Gateway Studio Project, Greenwich Dance Agency and Eldon Lesiure.